Slow News Month

I’ve been remiss in posting. In the meantime, since my last posts:

* The Sharks got bounced out of the playoffs. Despite my earlier predictions of doom, Nabokov seems to have made a return to form. Look for either him or Toskala to make an exit over the summer, however.

* BI released Night’s Dark Masters, their vampire supplement. While I was skeptical before the previews started popping up (vampires have been done to death by every game in the world, especially that one White Wolf one… I think it’s called ‘Werewolf’), NDM is currently in the lead as my favorite WFRP supplement of 2007. It may be facing some stiff competition from the Tome of Salvation, on the other hand.

* I attended Google Developer Day 2007 in Mountain View. While I was hoping to get a few more details on using GWT than I got, I did get to hear some exciting stuff about Google’s operating environment, learn Pythonisms from Alex Martelli, and hear Peter Norvig talk about Google’s machine-learning projects. Plus, free tee shirts.

* Saw the Arcade Fire live in Berkeley.

* Read: Thud! by Terry Pratchett, King Rat and Iron Council by China Miéville, The Monks of War by Desmond Seward, The Corrupted by Robert Earl, a couple dozen CS research papers, and a few other odds and ends.

More to follow.


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