Two Goalie Shuffle

I’m watching the Shark’s game right now… you can’t tell me the Evgeni Nabokov is still going to be around after the trade deadline. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like every time I see Nabokov in net, the Sharks end up with a loss. One of the commentators was saying that the team just doesn’t play as well in front of Nabby for some reason- the team has the lowest point production in front of Nabokov of any starting goalie in the NHL. There’s a certain amount of chicken and egg there- does the team play more hesitantly in front of Nabokov because they don’t think he can back them up, or do Nabokov’s goals count more because of the production in front of him?

Whatever the case, the real issue with having two starting goalies is not so much balancing the interactions between them and guaranteeing ice time for both of them- it’s that you have two players in a one-man position, you don’t have another player somewhere else. Every team in the league wants a solid starting goalie, meaning that even with his play having been a little below its peak this season the Sharks could easily get a solid player for the playoffs this season out of a trade, as well as a draft choice for on down the road. A veteran defenseman to shore up the defensive core and provide some steadying influence down the stretch in the playoffs could go a long way towards making sure that the Sharks have a better shot at the conference finals and the Cup.


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