Saving the world from Grills

A stupid remedy for a stupid fad was proposed recently in Tennessee: to prevent idiots from strapping unsanitary bling to their dentition, a state rep has proposed the so-called Grill Bill that would make it illegal for anyone other than a dentist to make a dental impression. The problem that this would ostensibly solve would be people being given impressions in unsanitary conditions.

Of course, I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence that it could also prevent the operation of numerous mail-order & retail businesses that sell dental appliances (like mouth guards) at a much lower cost than the local dentist or orthodontist. I grind my teeth, and after being told that it would be $350+ for an acrylic night guard, I found an online site that let me take my own impressions (using a play-dough-like substance) and send away for the same sort of appliance for $100, including shipping. The dentist in question said that they were cutting me a break- they charged insurance companies over $500, which goes a long way towards explaining why health care in the States is such a damn mess.


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