Thus Spake Nostradomus

Not to pick on India’s Sourav Ganguly, but his comments to the BBC drive home why I think most quotes from sports figures could profitably be replaced with expired coupons in almost any publication. Commenting on England’s chances of winning the ICC World Cup, he floated the following bit of insight recorded here:

“It all depends how England play. It’s very difficult to predict how teams will play in World Cups but they have a good side.”

Ganguly says Australia, South Africa, his own team India and Pakistan are the other teams capable of winning the tournament.

So… the top five ranked teams in the tournament are capable of winning it. And England could have a shot at a win, depending on… wait for it… ‘how they play’.

I see that Day 4 of the South Africa/Pakistan Test match is underway. You know, I think if Pakistan can score more runs than South Africa, they may have a real shot at winning this match.


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