And the Hyperbole Oscar goes to. . .

. . . MPAA spokesman John Feehery, for the following gem about gangs involved in pirating DVDs:

This is the new crack. They get a bigger profit margin – some of these gangs – from distributing stolen DVDs than they would from drugs. A lot of these gangs are diversifying into this business.

Gangs switching from dealing crack to dealing rips of Shrek II? Frankly, we should be so lucky. I’m yet to hear of someone having a gun pulled on them while they were trying to rent a movie at Blockbuster.

Read more about the MPAA’s spastic efforts to have copying movies equated with slaughtering innocents here. The MPAA also seems to think that skipping parts of movies you find offensive should be equated with creating a ‘derivative work’, and should entail your paying them a licensing fee. Hope they never hear about that dastardly ‘Fast Forward’ button I’ve been so brazenly abusing for the past several years.


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