Furl articles

You may notice the new ‘Latest Furl Articles’ section on the sidebar. Furl is a great tool for keeping tabs on articles that you find on the web. By installing Furl’s handy FireFox extension, you can save, categorize, and summarize any interesting article you find on the web with just a right-click. Long after the host website has disappeared, or rolled that article off the front page, the Furl copy still sits warm and dry in your personal archive, awaiting your later perusal.

I Furl articles all the time as I find them on the web. Some end up being written up or responded to, and some don’t. The sidebar here will give you a peek at informative or oddball articles that catch my eye on the web. Furl’s site provides tools to automatically link embed your Furl archive in a website, as I’ve done here. You could also use Feed2JS to convert the RSS feed that Furl provides.


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